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A very general, broad and incusive definition that describes the approach of Viniyoga in the most expansive way is: those actions and practices which complement a person's constitution, capacities and personal desires, on all levels: physical, mental, and psycho-spiritual, and which bring the individual closer to an authentic and lasting fulfillment.

The qualities of asana that uniquely define Viniyoga can be described to a certain extent in terms of biomechanics. While using the classical forms of postures as a starting point, the postures can be almost infinitely adapted to make maximal, optimal use of alignment, breath and movement. The goal of creating strength, flexibility and ease in the body is a question of understanding the body.

Benefits of Vini Yoga

  • improves physical capabilities
  • increases flexibility
  • improves posture
  • makes spine flexible
  • beneficial for chronic diseases
  • improves memory and power of concentration
  • awareness of breath and movement
  • breathing fuller and deeper
  • removes negative thoughts
  • makes you optimistic and positive
  • develops physical, mental and intellectual abilities
  • increases flow of energy
  • acceptance of self

Corporate Yoga in India

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