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Amrit Yoga connects yoga practice with the ancient roots and fundamental principles that are at the core of all branches of yoga. By adding the mental and spiritual disciplines of Raja Yoga, inwardly focused attention and meditative awareness, Amrit Yoga combines the strengths of Hatha and Raja Yoga into one system.

Benefits of Amrit Yoga

Amrit Yoga has the power to engage you totally, absorb you completely, and integrate you fully in your body, mind, heart and soul. It empowers you to enter the experience of unity, which is integral to the experience of yoga.

Amrit Yoga is a metaphor for life. The skills of mindful attention and meditative awareness you develop on the yoga mat extend to challenges you encounter in life. Painful transition periods, relationships and crises can become opportunities and openings for personal transformation.

Corporate Yoga in India

Yoga programs for corporates works as stress buster and relieve them from tension to maintain healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Yoga Alliance Certified RYS 200, 300 & 500 hour yoga teacher training programs and yoga instructor courses in India for various Yoga Styles

Yoga Retreats

Recharge your Mind, Body and Soul with Yoga Retreats Programs, Experience one or two weeks of yoga retreats in India with other complimentary programs

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